Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Week of Carnival Fun

Sheringham Beach

Last week Harvey had his friend Lee over to stay for the week, lee is a couple of days older than Harvey and i was worried how i was going to deal with 2 boisterous four year olds for a week, i had planned lots of activities to do and with Cromer carnival week the same time, it gave me another 2 days of fun things to do!
We have spent the week wondering through the woods, swimming in the sea and building sandcastles on the beach, playing down the park in the evenings, we went swimming at the local pool, we have watched the carnival parade, aerobatic displays from Wildcat Aerobatics, been on the funfair and watched a spectacular fireworks display (which my camera had died so i couldn't get any photos!) we have all had a lovely week of fun together and lots of lovely memories made :)

Building sandcastles 

First paddle in the sea
Making his own rock pool

Lee in a police car on the carnival field

Harvey being cheeky

Tickle fight!

Lee enjoying our picnic
Wildcat Aerobatics

Wildcats in diamond formation

Sophie & Zackary waiting for the parade
Harvey waiting for the parade

Lee excited waiting for the parade

Lee & Minnie mouse (mega excited!)

Harvey on the fair ride

Lee on a fair ride

Both kids on the roller coaster

Zooming around the track

Lee on the giant bouncy slide (i wasnt allowed on :( and harvey didnt want a go)

Both Kids shattered after carnival night

 My next mission is to finish school shopping for when Harvey starts school in a couple of weeks!


  1. Hi babe! I've got blog myself! love photos! look like you had so much fun!
    Love You :* :* :*

    1. i bet you are more tech savvy than me! blogging confuses me but i love to write a memory of a time we have had, its like my memory book to Harvey :) i will check yours out ;) love ya 2 x (feel free to follow me ;)) x

    2. I think that you might freek out if I follow you lol