Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Favourite Childhood Holiday Memory

As kids we always went to Butlins Skegness for our holidays and what fantastic memories were made there! i can remember my little sister as a baby curled up on my bed one afternoon after swimming, and as a toddler she cried her eyes out when we went to meet Noddy! I remember my brother falling asleep whilst getting his face painted as a tiger, and our dad splashing us about in the pool! I remember that there used to be little electric boxes in the cupboard that we had to put a card in to have power! There was a giant armchair! The photo shop where after getting our photos taken, the next day we would go and look for them among all the others taken! i loved the little roller coaster and would go on it again and again! My most favourite thing of all was the monorail!
All 3 of us on the giant sofa!
My brother just after he had woken up from having his face painted and me!

There has never been just one special holiday memory as a child, they were all magical!

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  1. Oh yes I remember the Photo shop at Minehead.. I'd forgotten about it until I read this..:)